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Black Hawk Online Games: Online Gaming Effects on Work Productivity
henrichfritz wrote in blackhawkgroup
Aside from many various things that you can do over the internet, playing online games is one of the most addictive.  Some says several of these online games are good to kill time and to entertain you on your short breaks.  However, some of these games can require frequent logins, for example business management, strategy and RPG games.  To play with the said game, gamer should have to login on a daily basis or even many times a day.  This causes interruption on jobs while they are wasting time playing online games rather than spending it to work.

As a solution for this, lots of companies are using web filtering solutions that permit them to limit access to any website they regard as the cause of decrease in productivity of their staff and are not needed to do their jobs so that they can restrict the access of their employees to distracting online activities.  Therefore, companies restrict the access to social networks, news websites, online flash games websites, video streaming websites and other online content considered to be distracting.

Employees attempt to discover other methods of accessing their desired websites and online games because of boredom, addiction together with some other reasons.  Web proxies is one of the most used ways among all others.  Web proxy is a method where employees are competent to evade boundaries forced at work and visit otherwise unavailable websites.  As consequences to those people who are addicted to internet habits such as social networking and games, they often had a hard time keeping their jobs and relationships, may it be either to, family, friends and loved one.  As bad as severe cases are there are also some mild yet still causing some efficiency issues at work which results in diminishing an employer’s performance among other effects.

Various companies monitor the online traffic of their people to observe whether they are utilizing the Internet for productive purposes or not, this is to stop their workers from wasting time surfing the web rather than working.  This technique is a bit less of aggressive and tenders a firm degree of litheness for employees, permitting them to reasonably use the Internet for leisure.  In this sample, they can once in a while visit their favorite websites, social networks and even play online games but only for short periods of time, it may be during coffee or lunch breaks.

Conversely, when carry out with restraint; benefits can also be given by these online activities.  From time to time people just have to have a quick break or get away from whatsoever things they were doing.  Sometimes everyone needs to clear their mind and go back to their task invigorated and relaxed.  In everything there will always be two sides of the coins, in this case there could be some negative yet there could also be some positives, this is why restricting access to all leisure online activities in offices, schools and institutions can have negative effects.  People will think their freedom is ruthlessly restricted and their employers do not trust them.


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